Mickey Fucks Joseph Castlian

Studio: Colby Knox

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 15, 2022

Description: In Joseph Castlian’s first ColbyKnox video he got a massage, and good fuck, from Colby Chambers. The stud with the hairy chest is now paired with Colby's husband, Mickey Knox. Today's update starts perfectly. Mickey and Joseph are on the bed. The ColbyKnox compound guest is on his hands and knees. Mickey is behind him, feeling him up. Joseph looks into the camera, telling us to watch the interview that will follow the sexual shenanigans between him and Mickey. Mickey kisses Joseph's back, rubbing that beautiful butt. "You're so muscular," Mickey says, stroking Joseph's chest. "I love it." Joseph grey underwear get pulled down so Mickey can swallow some dick. He slurps the rod. Both boys get rid of their underwear; Joseph gets back on his hands and knees. Mickey buries his face in that backside. When he's not eating ass he smacks those curvy cheeks. "You taste so good," Mickey murmurs. Joseph is on his stomach, letting Mickey do anything he wants. He lubes up his dick and slowly enters Joseph’s canal. The sound of enjoyment that escapes from Joseph is sexy as fuck. He returns to his hands and knees and Mickey gets right back to fucking to the balls. He kisses Joseph's ear, neck, and back without missing a beat. "Oh, shit," Joseph whispers. His spot is getting rammed. "Your ass is so tight," Mickey observes. He turns Joseph over and after some kissing reenters that sweet hole. "Fuck, yeah," Joseph moans, stroking his dick. "Fuck that ass." As Mickey does what's asked of him, he nibbles on Joseph's feet. The studs change positions. Mickey is on his back and Joseph straddles him. He guides Mickey's dick, returning it where it should be. Joseph grabs Mickey's chest, bucking up and down. Joseph is in control now. He has the power over the speed and how deep Mickey can go. "You like that ass," Joseph wonders. "Fuck. You are so fucking beautiful," Mickey replies. Joseph is in his own zone. Calling to the gods, his hole filled with man meat, and his johnson hard as a diamond. "Fuck. I'm going to cum," he says. Goodness gracious! He sure does. That first stream hits Mickey in the face, landing in his hair and eye. He licks some of the juice off Joseph’s bloated head. ”Want to show me that ass again," Mickey wonders. Joseph returns to his stomach and Mickey jerks over him. He nuts on Joseph’s butt cheek and back, licking some of it up. He puts some in that wet hole for good measure. You’re probably spent from all that hot man sex, but please stick around for the interview. Joseph shares his story on how we got from Cuba to the United States. He’s a great storyteller.

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