Kane Fox and Zeke Wood

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: April 29, 2021

Description: Zeke Wood is back to explore his kink of being edged & controlled with like-minded Kane Fox! And when both guys share the fun of a power shift dynamic, it calls for a flip-fuck in the latest episode of "What's Your Kink?" After a little foreplay, Kane gives Zeke exactly what he desires by tying him to a chair, making out with him and teasing the helpless lad. Kane sucks on the tip of Zeke's hard cock as it pokes out from the elastic of his briefs, then sucks & strokes it, edging him oh-so-close to orgasm before pulling back.

Kane takes a little break and stuffs Zeke's face with his crotch and feeds him his cock and balls. But soon Kane in back edge-sucking Zeke again before untying him, bending him over and eating his hole. This time there's no teasing a Kane slides his cock into Zeke to fuck him deep. As they both get close to the edge Zeke flips on his back to take Kane deep again. Kane still exerts control by stroking Zeke as he fucks him and holding him by his wrists. The guys head to the sofa where Kane sucks Zeke again and they begin to switch it up.

As he is being sucked Zeke reaches over to finger Kane's ass and soon gets up to fuck him as power top. Zeke plows Kane from behind then flips him on his back to drill him to the edge. But Zeke shifts the dynamic again and starts riding Kane's cock until he shoots like a rocket, hit Kane in the face and on his bod. When Kane jerk his cock, Zeke laps at his balls and when Kane's cock erupts in a thick load, he's right there to get a facial and mouthful of cum. They share a cummy kiss and Kane loves it, bringing Zeke back to get one more taste of its sweet & salty goodness.

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