Lane Colten and Trevor Brooks

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 1, 2022

Description: Trevor Brooks likes a fit guy with a big dick and if he has a manly post-workout aroma, even better. Lane Colten IS that guy as Trevor’s boyfriend home from the gym, sweaty and just as horny as Trevor. Lane slips his cock out of his shorts to feed Trevor who just can’t get enough, especially as it gets even bigger. Lane makes things even hotter by re-positioning himself so they can watch themselves in the mirror.

Trevor’s mouth and Lane’s cock are inseparable but when Lane fingers his hole, he decides he wants his ass. He turns Trevor around to eat out his hole and as much as Trevor loves all the attention, he’s really in heaven when Lane slowly slides his cock into his spit-lubed hole. He fucks him deep and as Trevor gets more vocal, Lane plows him harder.

Lane only stops to let Trevor suck him again and taste his own ass and when he’s given him enough to savor, Lane sits down so he can suck him back. Soon he gets Trevor to sit on his cock and as he rides him with increasingly uninhibited sexual fervor, Lane is excitedly impressed. He encourages him more, coming right out to tell Trevor his ass owns his cock.

Finally, Lane gets Trevor on his back and he sucks him, and as he does, he inches in his own cock and fucks him at the same time. Lane then pounds Trevor until the sexy bottom shoots his load, and Lane keeps going until he pulls out to shoot an equally huge load over Trevor and into him. Lane lies back next to Trevor and he can’t help but state what others have learned: Trevor takes it “like a champ!”

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