My WOman's Tattoo

Studio: Irmaos Dotados

Casting: ,

Release Date: N/A

Description: "Vitoria is very excited to introduce her childhood friend who is a tattoo artist for her husband Leicy. She cordially welcomes her friend into her home and decides to go out and buy some drinks for the three of them, leaving her husband Leicy and his friend Cako alone. While his wife is away, Leicy is harassed by Cako, who keeps moving his dick, provoking Leicy and making him very horny. Cako does not play in service and puts the dick out and causes Leicy to approach so that he sucks his hot cock. Leicy can't resist the temptation and falls for his wife's tattoo artist. Cako promises Leicy that he won't tell his wife anything and that they can have some fun while she is away. Cako sucks Leicy's ass leaving the big dick moaning from being so horny. Leicy doesn’t resist and gives his ass to Cako who with his big and thick cock fucks Leicy's ass with all pleasure. Leicy rides on top of Cako's cock moaning like a bitch and doesn’t resist the male and surrenders completely. Cako feels Leicy's hot mouth on his delicious cock and goes crazy with lust. The two go to the bedroom and fuck on the bed where Leicy moans with pleasure and Cako fucks his ass very hard, leaving him luscious with so much milk. While the two are fucking inside the room, Vitória arrives and hears the moans coming from the bedroom and approaches the door without believing what she is seeing in front of her eyes. Shocked by what she sees and hears, Vitória go out and leaves the two alone again without them realizing that she has returned. "My Wife’s Tattoo Artist" is the typical movie that mixes an adrenaline of betrayal and anxiety that will make you ravish with lust watching Leicy ride on Cako's cock and moan asking for hot milk on his ass."

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