Summer Sizzle

Studio: Masqulin

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 23, 2022

Description: Leo Bacchus is soaking it in, relaxing on his PV vacation getaway. He's lounging by the pool trying to catch some sun. But, instead, he catches the attention of a young Benji Vega from the rooftop above. Benji is enthralled by the older man's chiseled, glistening body and the connection is instant. Benji is feeling lucky and heads down by the pool for a closer look, setting up a few seats away. He can't help but notice the bulge in Leo's tight swim briefs.

The older daddy invites Benji closer, to better soak up some sun. As he walks over, the growing tent in his tight swimsuit makes it abundantly clear. Benji's cock gets even stiffer by the moment, as he rubs suntan oil into Leo's hot tattooed body and chiseled abs and his hands travel down Leo’s body to the stiff bulge in his swimsuit. Benji tastes Leo's cock and a deep carnal desire takes over and he deep throats the stiff, cut cock. Moving to somewhere a bit more private, on the rooftop terrace, Leo tongue-fucks Benji's smooth hole. Fingerfucking him and sucking his cock from behind, prepping his tight hole before pounding him hard from behind.

He climbs on top, riding Leo's stiff pole, his big uncut Latin cock swinging. Leo tongues his smooth balls, and pounds his hole, spraying a huge cumshot all over his smooth chest, Leo feeding his cum to him, as he pumps his cock in and out of the boy's hole. Benji tongues Leo's sack, bringing him over the edge and cumming all over Benji in the sunshine.

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