Lino Belucci, Aldo Belucci and Rocco Alfieri

Studio: BelAmiOnline

Casting: , ,

Release Date: June 26, 2021

Description: Lino and Aldo are quite a pair. Always late with crazy excuses, always borrowing money and never paying it back…

At least today they have come up with a decent plan on how to pay Rocco back for the money he lent them last month. A tag team fuck with two hot brothers has to be worth it no matter how much money Rocco lent them!

As soon as they get back to their place they waste no time repaying their debt, stripping Rocco of his clothes and giving his mouth, dick and butt hole some serious attention, and Rocco is loving every second of it. By the time they are done, Rocco is soaked in cum but certainly one very happy lad.

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