Logan Cross Chapter 1, New Recruit

Studio: Twink Top

Casting: ,

Release Date: September 30, 2022

Description: Young Logan was shaking like a leaf when Coach Stone walked into the room. Logan was about as innocent as a boy could get. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about sex. In fact, he was desperate to try it, he’d just never been presented with the right opportunity. That was until he met Coach Stone…

Stone was new and, upon arrival, had set about trying to find recruits for the team. He was looking for potential rather than experience, and spotted Logan’s natural physique as being full of potential.

Coach Stone began to teach Logan as much as he could absorb, and the boy had rapidly become the team’s star player. The process of mentoring brought them close together and Logan soon began to confide in his coach, eventually disclosing that he was a virgin and his lack of sexual experience was beginning to make him lose confidence in pretty much every aspect of his life.

They talked about it a great deal over a long period of time, during which Logan started to develop overwhelming feelings of desire for his handsome coach. Stone could tell the boy was falling for him and had to fight hard to suppress his own lustful thoughts. He was inexplicably drawn to the boy, and the more he fought his feelings, the more he wanted him.

It all came to a head after a game which Logan had effectively thrown as a result of being entirely unfocused. Coach Stone thought for a while, then told Logan to head to his office and wait for him while he wrapped things up.

Logan didn’t know what to expect. He didn’t know if he was going to be dropped from the team or benched or scolded. But fortunately, Coach Stone knew he had to take a different approach.

Stone appeared in the office after what felt like a painstakingly long wait. He wasted no time, immediately walking across to Logan and encouraging him to stand up. Stone scooped the tiny, shaking boy into his big, strong arms and Logan began to run his hands tentatively and fumblingly over the coach’s well-defined chest.

Stone instantly took control, speedily removing the boy’s T-shirt, pulling him close and kissing him passionately. Stone couldn’t quite believe the mind-blowing intensity of the moment. Logan was suddenly all over him, seemingly desperate to experience more… rapidly gaining confidence.

Both were soon almost naked. Coach Stone dropped to his knees and gently started to massage the boy’s rock hard dick with his mouth. Stone was astonished by the size of Logan’s member. The boy was slight of frame and almost a full foot shorter than him, but his young dick was addictively large!

They stood again and Logan started to play with the coach’s plus-sized member. He carefully toyed with it through the fabric of the tightly-fitting jockstrap before pulling it out and lustfully wrapping his mouth around it.

Confidence began to surge through the boy’s body, making him feel inexplicably dominant and invincible. He felt a sudden, almost overwhelming desire to replay a scene he’d watched in a porn film where a younger twink had banged a big, strong, older, bear-like guy. He’d watched the scene over and over again, imagining himself as the twink, and Coach Stone as the older man. And suddenly his chance had arrived to act it out in real life…

He told the coach to get on all fours and immediately pushed his tongue deep into his DILF ass. He had no idea how it would feel or taste or really even why the twink in the film had done it, other than to make the older guy’s hole good and wet.

But Logan liked the sensation… A lot. It gave him a feeling of power and complete control. Here was a man whom he’d looked up to for months, a man who’d overawed him with his physical prowess and masculinity, a man who was now on all fours, doing everything he was told to do. A man who was clearly now ready and willing to be fucked.

Logan stood behind his coach and took a deep breath before starting to rub his dick between Stone’s well-defined ass cheeks. He knew his cock needed to be inside the coach’s hole. Something came over him. A commanding voice came out of his mouth and instructed the coach to get on his back with his legs up in the air. It was as though some sort of primordial force had taken control.

He’d never even come close to fucking before, but, in that moment, he knew exactly what to do. What he didn’t know, however, was just how amazing his raw dick was going to feel pushing its way into the coach’s tight ass.

Within seconds, Logan was grinding, rocking his hips backwards and forwards. It felt incredible. He instinctively varied the pace and depth of his thrusts and was pleased when Stone uttered words of encouragement. He wanted to please his coach more than anything in the world.

Logan’s body started to tingle all over. The sensation was amazing. With every stroke, he wanted Stone a little bit more until he was utterly engulfed by an animalistic frenzy of desire.

Logan suddenly realized he was going to shoot and at that moment started to pound the coach with building intensity, pulling out just as huge globules of pure white semen started to fly from his dick, all over the well-tanned skin of Stone’s back…

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