MASSAGE, Tibor Bagar

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: May 9, 2021

Description: Tibor Bagar looks very good indeed as he strips down to his underwear ready for a massage. That shows off his sexy body and he lays, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and takes oil into his hands and then starts to work. His oiliy hands glide over Tibor's back to work on his neck and shoulders. The hands work deep into Tibor's muscles, using more oil as necessary. Each arm is bent up his back as the shoulders are massaged. Then Tibor's back is massaged with the hands working down to his underwear. The fingers slide into the underwear and onto the ass cheeks. The underwear is pushed down as the hands massage deeply. The ass cheeks are massaged too, with more oil. Then underwear is then removed completely and that sexy ass is oiled all over. Then the masseur moves down to work on Tibor's feet, oiling them heavily and massaging the soles and toes. Moving back up to that sexy ass he parts Tibor's legs and pulls the cock and balls back between them. Oil is dripped onto the ass, cock and balls and the hands rub it all over. The cock is wanked gently between Libor's thighs. Then his ass cheeks are spread to show his hole. More oil is dripped onto the hole and rubbed in. A finger rubs over the tight hole too and that cock is wanked a little more too. Libor is moved onto his knees, which spreads the ass well. More oil is used too and the stiff cock is pulled back between the legs to be wanked. The big cock in nice and hard as it is wanked while a finger rubs the tight hole too. The finger dips into the hole and slides deeper as Libor's cock is wanked. Then the finger is removed so the hole can be inspected again. It pushes in again to fuck some more. The cock stays nice and hard as the hole is worked. Then Libor turns over onto his back. That big cock is wanked more and soon delivers his hot cum as well. Libor relaxes as his spent cock is milked dry to complete a very good massage.

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