Sports Massage

Studio: Twink Top

Casting: ,

Release Date: April 3, 2021

Description: One of the perks of coaching the soccer team is watching the lads’ bodies change as they get older and start to take fitness more seriously. They wanna be strong. They wanna look as good as they can. Sexual awakening is a key factor. When they discover what their bodies are for, the need for sex makes them hit the gym hard.

Maxx was one of those confident lads who’d developed faster than the other boys. He was surprisingly mature for his age and his body was bulking up. I’d occasionally pass through the locker room, just to take a quick look…

I saw him one night, after practice, making out with his girlfriend. He’d pushed against the wall quite aggressively and had his hand up her skirt as he kissed her. They heard me passing and instantly broke apart. They were both mortified, of course. A shame really, as I was enjoying the show! I wondered if it was worth hiding somewhere and sticking around to see what happened next, but I left them to it, and jerked myself senseless in the car, wondering how my dick would feel in that tight, round ass of his.

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