Playing With Your Cousin

Studio: Irmaos Dotados

Casting: ,

Release Date: N/A

Description: Mike waits for his cousin Christian to play videogame, only that his cousin is late, leaving Mike stressed by the delay. After Christian's arrival, Mike welcomes his cousin who apologizes for the delay. Mike goes to the bedroom to get his cell phone so the two of them can start the game, while Christian stays in the living room waiting for him and sniffing his underwear on the couch. After returning from the room, Mike sits on the chair and takes out his cock leaving his cousin Christian distracted. Mike gets very angry because his cousin does not know how to play the game properly and is still distracted looking at his dick that is coming out of his shorts while he plays in the chair. Christian can no longer stand the temptation he is suffering and falls flat on Mike's cock that leaves his cousin at ease to suck his thick and delicious cock. Christian makes a comment that puzzles Mike, as he says his cousin's dick is bigger than his uncle's. While Mike plays the game alone, his dick gets hard sliding in the hot mouth of his cousin Christian, who wants nothing more than to suck that delicious cock. Mike gets up and decides to suck Christian's ass that gets crazy with lust. After a beautiful elaborate rumming, Mike puts his delicious cock inside Christian's ass that moans with great pleasure in the cock of his cousin.

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