Soaked In Jizz

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: January 1, 2022

Description: The guys waste no time kissing and feeling each other on the futon. Justin is quick to take off Mikey’s clothes and lead his mouth straight to his dick. Mikey’s cock becomes harder as Justin keeps his mouth on it. He moans in pleasure as Justin goes deeper. “Fuck, it feels so good” he tells Justin as he holds his neck and pushes him deeper. Justin then wants to switch roles and gets Mikey to smell his cock through his jock strap before forcing his mouth on it. He even leaves Mikey in tears as his long dick goes farther down Mikey’s throat.

Justin then takes his jock off, bends Mikey on the futon, and pushes his dick inside him from behind. He grabs Mikey’s neck as he pounds him harder doggy style, making him moan hard. He even puts his jock strap around Mikey while he goes deeper into him. He flips Mikey on his back and continues fucking him hard. Mikey loves how Justin’s hard cock feels pounding his hole. Justin reaches his breaking point and shoots a warm load all over Mikey’s chest and mouth. That gets Mikey to fire off a huge load on himself.

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