MILKING MEN, Stefan Vrbic

Studio: Str8Hell


Release Date: February 16, 2021

Description: Stefan Vrbic is bare-chested on the bed. His wrists are shackled over his head and his mouth is gagged. He struggles against his shackles to no avail. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel the sexy chest as Stefan moans. The hands hit on that chest and run over the jeans too. The jeans are groped and then opened to allow access to a stiffening cock. That cock is pulled out and then covered again by the jeans. Then the jeans are pulled down, and off, fully exposing the hardening cock. A hand rubs over Stefan's balls. The some oil is dripped over him as well. The hands rub the oil on the chest, slapping it too. Then they move down to rub the oil into the cock and balls as well. The balls are squeezed and rubbed and the cock is wanked too. An oily hand slides up and down on the stiff cock shaft, squeezing the head as well. The foreskin is worked back and forth on the head. The cock stays nice and hard as more oil is applied to it and the hands wank it. Stefan's hips thrust too as he feels the pleasure of being wanked. The wanking gets very hard indeed, making Stefan moan louder. His nipples are squeezed too as that cock is wanked. The wanking is hard and fast and then slows down. His balls are squeezed and rubbed as the wanking continues. That wanking seems to take Stefan close to the edge. The cock is slapped against as hand as well. Then the sexy chest is slapped too. A vibrating wand is pressed against the balls and the rubs over the rock hard cock. Stefeans ass is shown too as the vibrator is pressed against the balls and then on his hole. The wanking is very hard as his hole feels the vibrations. Then his balls are slapped gently as well. His gag is removed as well and then the hands slap against the tight hole. Stefan's legs are raised, showing off that hot hole well as the ass cheeks are spanked. A finger rubs over the hole too. Then the hole is slapped and some oil is dripped onto it. The oil is rubbed all over the sexy ss. A fingerrubs against the hole and starts to probe it. Soon the finger pushes into the hole and pulls out again. It goes deeper into the hole and starts to fuck it deeply. As the hole is fingered hard Stefan's cock is wanked as well. The finger is removed and the ass cheeks are spread wide to show off the hole. His sexy ass gets some more spanking too. Then a thumb slides into the hole too. The ass cheeks are coloured well from being spanked. With his hole spanked as well it soon feels two fingers pushing into it. The fingers work deep into the hole as Stefan keeps up his constant moaning. He lowers his legs and more oil is applied to his cock and balls. The cock is wanked with all that oil. Then the balls are squeezed as well. Then Stefan's cock is wanked hard and fast and the wanking continues until all the hot cum is released, shooting out on the his left thigh and onto the bedding. That cock is milked and the spent balls are rubbed too as Stefan begins to relax after being milked.

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