Mirek Sakala – EROTIC SOLO

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: February 18, 2021

Description: Mirek Sakala is aged 20 and he lives in Ostrava, but is originally from Ukraine. He is a student you enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He looks good as he sits on the bed for his interview. Then Mirek stands and begins to feel his body, through his clothes. He soon removes his tee shirt to reveal a very hot upper body. He flexes and feels a bicep and the does the same to the other. Flexing both biceps also shows off his chest very well. He runs his hands all over that hot chest. Then he reaches into his jeans to grope himself. He pushes down the jeans and underwear to reveal his soft cock and his balls as well as a nice full bush. He runs his hands all over that hot chest and then takes some oil to rubs it over too. The oil coats the hot chest and all up Mirek's arms too. Then he takes hold of his cock and quickly has it rock hard as he wanks himself. The oily hand rubs up and down on the cock as it pokes out in front of him. Moving onto the bed Mirek reclines and continues to wank himself. Laying down his lift his legs and shows off his hairy ass too as he continues to wank. He reaches down and rubs his ass too as the tight hole is fully exposed. Then he uses both hands to spread the ass even wider showing the hole so much better. The tight hole looks so inviting as he pulls on those ass cheeks. Turning over, onto his knees, he wanks between his legs and as also rubs his ass. Having shown off that sexy ass so well Mirek lays on his back and wanks hard on his cock. He keeps wanking until the cock releases the cum, shooting onto his belly and clinging to his fist. He milks the cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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