Radek Ulba vs Luky Kolac

Studio: William Higgins

Casting: ,

Release Date: March 21, 2021

Description: Radek Ulba and Luky Kolac are paired in a wrestling match. They begin by doing some warming up, wearing just their underwear. Then the match begins and they are quickly grappling as they roll around on the floor. Radek's underwear is very quickly removed to leave him fully naked as they grapple with each other. Luky's underwear comes off too as each tries to gain a good hold. Luky slaps at Radek's sexy ass too as they grab each other. The hot asses and cocks are shown well as they wrestle. It is Radek who gains the first hold to result in a submission. After a drink they start to wrestle again. The bodies are closely entwined as they roll over the mats trying to gain a winning hold. Luky continues to give Radek's sexy ass a few spanks when he can. That ass gets spread wide and shows the tight hole as Radek tries to get another submission. After much groping and grappling Luky manages to gain a submission too. When they resume the wrestling it seems they try to grab at each other's cock too. The still roll all over the floor with bodies in close contact until Luky manages to gain another point. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. Then, with bodies glistening they resume the match. They slip and slide all over the mats as they try to gain a good hold. The cocks flail and the asses spread as they roll around on the floor. As he straddles Luky Radek allows his cock and balls to rub over the face. He keeps working hard but it is Luky who gains the next point. It doesn't take long for Luky to score yet another point and to take the win. Then they settle down to wank, side by side. They wank each other a little too as Luky's dick gets rock hard. That is a very big cock and Radek, as the loser, has to give it a suck too. Luky continues to wank hard too and soon shoots his cum. He milks his cock dry as Radek keeps wanking. He dumps his cum too, shooting it onto the floor. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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