Drilling Dylan

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Casting: ,

Release Date: December 13, 2022

Description: Dylan’s come quite a long way since landing at CF (no pun intended), and this episode here with Riley is a true testament to that! We all know Riley has a massive dick, and some of you are probably on this page right now thinking, “Is Dylan really going to be able to take it!?”.

That’s a fair question, too. For an entire year, it seemed Dylan doing anything at all with another guy was something we’d have to be content to fantasize about only, as he just wasn’t interesting in trying out guy/guy action. That changed when he returned after being away for so long, and Dylan’s been blowing us all away ever since. Now, Dylan’s taking on his biggest challenge yet - Riley’s dick!

But hey, big challenges mean big rewards - for Dylan, Riley, and us! Not only do these two look amazing while fucking, but clearly all this pounding feels amazing for both of them. For Dylan, in particular, Riley’s cock is making him feel things he’s never felt before! Eventually that dick fucks a big loud out of Dylan, before painting Dylan’s ass in another!

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