Robin Tesarek vs Stefan Vrbic

Studio: Str8Hell

Casting: ,

Release Date: April 2, 2021

Description: Robin Tesarek and Stefan Vrbic are paired for a submission wrestling match. They both look good as do some stretching to warm up, wearing only their underwear. Then they start the match and are quickly rolling all over the floor, grappling with each other. Pulling at the underwear Robin soon has Stefan fully naked and exposed. Stefan does the same and quickly Robin is naked too. They rolls around, with asses and cocks exposed, trying to get a decent hold. Robin manages some good holds on Stefan but doesn't easily gain a submission. However Stefan does, with a pressure hold on Robin's neck. Robin continues to exert a lot of effort and manages to level the score with a submission in round 2. The hot, sweaty, bodies are closely entwined as they roll around trying to get a winning hold. There is some playful ass spanking too and some ball grabbing. After Stefan manages to score again they take a break to oil each other all over. Then with slippery bodies they resume the match. With Robin able to prevail by winning the next two rounds they settle down to wank. They wank each other a little too. Stefan, as the loser also has to lick Robin's cock. Then resume wanking and both quickly unload their cum. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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