Scout Skills

Studio: Scout Boys

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Release Date: April 27, 2021

Description: Scoutmaster Dietrich is a little bit mischievous. Sure, he knows he has his responsibilities as a leader and a mentor, but he can’t help but want to relive the exciting memories of his scouting experiences. He loves the sexual tension that comes from being outdoors with your fellow troop members all day, encouraging each other to try new things. Not to mention, some guys just look good in a khaki uniform.

Dietrich sees a lot of his younger self in Cole, an elite scout who exemplifies both physical exceptionalism as well as commitment to the troop. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the scoutmaster is aware of his massive cock!

During a recent camping trip, Scoutmaster Dietrich noticed a little connection between him and Scout Mark. He knows the young man can be a bit quiet and reserved, but he sees his face really light up whenever he’s around the handsome Scout Cole. The older scoutmaster knew that if he could get the two of them together, sparks would fly!

Dietrich pulled the boys aside and asked if they’d be willing to help him with a special project. The boys were more than happy to help, wanting to make a good impression on their senior leader. They thought at first they might be going to chop wood or make a fire. Instead, the tall older man led them into his tent.

It was a little weird at first. Scouts weren’t supposed to be in their leader’s tents. It was against the rules, even with all they’d experienced before. Still, their hearts raced, knowing they were doing something they shouldn’t do.

Dietrich’s cock began to throb as he closed the door to his tent, excited to play boy matchmaker and voyeur to what was about to happen. He asked if they’d ever done anything with each other, and the boys blushed. It was clear they’d thought about it, but never acknowledged it—least of all to each other. They smiled and looked at each other, aware their secret desires were being brought out into the light of day.

Dolf remembered what that was like and it put a big smile on his face. He suggested the boys try kissing, just to see what it felt like. They hesitated, not sure if they should, but when the scoutmaster put his hand on Mark’s inner thigh, it was clear this was going to be another off-the-books adventure!

Cole leaned in and kissed Mark. It was delicate and sweet, almost as if it was a dare more than anything else. It felt nice. A little strange, but really nice. Cole loved how Mark’s lips felt on his, and he even felt himself getting a little excited. He placed a hand on Mark’s crotch, groping him through his shorts as the scoutmaster continued to watch on.

“That feel good?” Dietrich asked, watching as Mark responded to both of their touches. It felt so wrong, but Mark clearly wanted more. Cole began to kiss on his neck as Dolf directed them. The older man gently moved a hand up Mark’s shorts, grabbing at his swollen cock as Cole made out with him.

Mark was dizzy with desire. He didn’t know what was turning him on more: Cole’s passionate kissing or Dolf’s paternal guidance. He didn’t stop to question it, though. Instead, he took the older man’s help in taking off his clothes, stripping down as he and Cole began to explore his body.

Dietrich told Cole to remove his clothes, watching as the young man revealed his smooth, athletic body and massive cock. It was a thing of beauty to see. Big, thick, and veiny. Dietrich wanted to suck it himself, but he was more interested in seeing the sweet, young Mark give it a taste.

Continuing to direct their play, the scoutmaster told Mark to suck it, giving him permission to indulge in his fantasy. Mark couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked up at Cole, seeing the subtle nod he was given. He brought his mouth down on it, feeling it slide over his tongue and press between his lips.

It was amazing. It was so warm and smooth, yet hard as steel! He swallowed it down, trying to take as much of it as he could. He was so focused on trying to make Cole feel good, he didn’t even notice his scoutmaster pulling out his own cock. Dietrich watched, stroking, as Mark worshipped Cole’s cock.

The scoutmaster could have cum just from watching the two hot boys in action, but his own desire to recapture his glory days became too strong. He brought his cock up to Mark’s mouth, giving him the chance to taste it as well. Mark couldn’t believe his good fortune, letting go of Cole’s big cock to sample Dietrich’s.

Mark sucked on his scoutmaster, hungry to feel it in the back of his throat. With each lap of his tongue, he became even more ravenous, unable to be satiated. He wanted more. More cock, more scoutmaster, more Cole, more of it all! Dietrich could see Mark would need to be fucked. And between him and Cole, he knew that Mark wasn’t leaving that tent without a hole full of scout boy jizz!

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