Seeding Dane with Malec

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Casting: ,

Release Date: March 25, 2021

Description: Hey - we all know Dane is a skilled, studly, incredible top. He's mercilessly railed a bunch of his fellow CF studs and left us with absolutely no doubt whatsoever he can fuck just as he's left those fellow CF studs with no doubt whatsoever he can fuck! Sometimes we all just want to see Dane take a dick, though. He looks so damn hot when doing it, and clearly loves it. With Malec doing his utmost to earn status as CF's resident top stud, it was a must let these two have another go at one another and get Malec fucking Dane. With it having been awhile since they last had a go at one another, Malec and Dane were intent on making up for lost time. Dane wasted no time getting Malec's cock in his mouth and sucking it like it had been all he could think about doing for weeks. We know it wasn't all he was thinking about, though - he must have been thinking about Malec's dick in his hole as well! Luckily for Dane, he didn't have to wait any longer for that - Malec rims, then slides his cock in to Dane's hole, and after some hard hot fucking Dane gets bred deep with Malec's load.

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