Simon Best – SPANKING

Studio: Str8Hell


Release Date: February 23, 2021

Description: Simon Best is shackled to the St Andrew's cross, and is only wearing underwear. As he struggles against the shackles he feels the hands of his tormentor on his sexy ass. The underwear is pulled aside and that hot ass is given a good spank or two. Then a gag is placed in Simon's mouth and that hot ass gets more attention. The underwear is wedged into the ass crack and the hairy cheeks are spanked hard. They are squeezed too. The hands spank hard on that sexy ass and then Simon's hair is pulled too as the soft cheeks feels the heavy hand. Simon moans as he feels the hand spanking his reddening ass. The underwear is pulled down off that sora ass too and a riding crop begins to hit on it. The ass cheeks colour so well ass it is punished. The cheeks are squeezed and spread and then spanked more too. The hot, hairy, hole is exposed as the cheeks are opened wide. Then Simon is turned around and shackled again. Oil is squirted over his hot body and then rubbed in. His cock is pulled and flicked as well. Then the hands hit on the glistening chest too. Simon's balls are squeezed as well as the chest feels a hand hitting on it. Simon's body looks so good as the hands explore all over him. His nipples are pulled and then slapped too. The hands slap all over the sexy chest. Then his cock is slapped too as the balls are squeezed again. Simon is moved to a bench, with is legs up as his hands are tied around them. That shows off his hot ass and the tight, hairy hole too. More oil is rubbed all over his cock, balls and ass hole. The ass is spanked more and the his cock is wanked hard as his hot hole is fingered deeply. Then finger is removed and the cheeks are spanked more. His cock is rock hard as it is wanked more. Then finger goes back into that hole and fucks hard inside. That hole needs more and soon has a dildo being shoved deep inside. The hole is fucked deep as the stiff cock is wanked more too. The hole takes the toy well as it is fucks so deep. The toy stretches that hole wide and fucks hard as the cock is wanked more too. Then Simon's ties are removed and he is allowed to wank himself as the hands slap on his hot body.

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