SPANKING, Jan Blatnik

Studio: Str8Hell


Release Date: April 27, 2021

Description: Sexy Jan Blatnik is naked and gagged and shackled to a step-ladder as his rock hard cock pokes out in front of him. His balls are tied too. Then his tormentor arrives and begins to rub a riding crop over Jan's sexy body. The crop flicks against the hot body as that dick stays rock hard. The cock is flicked too. Then a hand reaches out to take hold of the cock and wank it a little. Oil is dripped onto that stiff dick and the hand reaches to rub it in. The cock is then wanked hard and slapped too. The heavy hand slaps against Jan's sexy body as well. His nipples are pulled too as the chest is slapped. Then the balls are untied and they get slapped and squeezed too. A whip appears and hits against Jan's hot body and onto his cock as well. The hands slap Jan's cock and his thighs. Jan is released from the step-ladder and placed onto his knees. His sexy ass his exposed and the hand spread the cheeks to make the hot hole gape. Those heavy hands spank on the ass cheeks too, colouring them nicely. The stiff dick is pulled back between Jan's legs too, and held in place by the crop. That hot ass gets spanked hard by the hands and then it feels the whip too. The reddened ass cheeks are spread more to show that hole. Then a dildo is rubbed over the ass hole. It is pushed into the hole and fucked deep inside. That hole opens up well to take the toy as it fucks all the way inside. It is held all the way in that ass hole as the cheeks are spanked more. Then the toy is removed and a dildo on a pole is pushed into the eager hole. It opens up that ass so well as it fucks in and pulls out. The toy is discarded and a yard stick hits on the ass. Then the dildo fucks back into Jan's hole. He takes it well and feel the hands spanking on his ass some more too. Jan then is allowed to stand and wank himself. He wanks hard and soon unloads his squirting cum all over the floor below. He milks his cock dry to complete a great scene.

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