Tibor Bagar – EROTIC SOLO

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: April 1, 2021

Description: Tibor Bagar is aged 21 and he lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys sports, boxing and wrestling. He looks good as he sits on the sofa, with a bit of a smile on his face, to do his interview. Then he stands up and removes his tee shirt to show off his sexy chest. He flexes a little, smiling as he does so. Then, following instructions, he takes off his pants and stands in just his underwear. He does a complete turn and the poses, with hands on hips, as the underwear bulges at the front. Reaching down his rubs the bulge. Then the underwear is removed too, revealing a good sized cock and the balls. Tibor does a complete turn again as that cock seems to be swelling some. He takes hold of it and starts wanking. With his fist wrapped around it he pulls the foreskin back and forth, showing off the big cock head. That cock gets nice and hard as Tibor wanks on it, whilst feeling his sexy body too. He sits on the sofa and leans back with his leg wide apart as he continues wanking. The big, fat, cock looks so good as Tibor wanks on it. Then he lifts his legs and shows off his ass and the tight hole too. He keeps wanking as he shows the hole. Closing his legs he reaches down and spreads the ass cheeks to show that hole even better. Opening the legs again he wanks more as his shows his hot hole. Then Tibor tuns over onto his knees, and bends, showing that ass and the tight hole again. He wanks his cock down between his legs as he reaches back to feel his sexy ass too. He spreads the ass to show that hole off so well, still wanking as well. Then Tibor turns over again and sits. He wanks that big cock and keeps going until the thick, creamy, cum is released. He continues to wank to milk the cum out before going off to the shower to clean up.

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