Tom: Chapter 3, Talent Scouting

Studio: Fun-Size Boys

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Release Date: April 16, 2021

Description: Dolf prides himself on his gut. Not his flat, washboard abs, but his instincts and keen perception. As a trainer, he needs to be able to size up his clients’ character as well as their physicality. Knowing who he can push harder helps him achieve their goals, but also gives him the satisfaction of seeing someone transform under his direction. Most of it is professional drive, but there is certainly a part of him that enjoys the thrill of having someone submit to him.

What he’s learned more than anything else is that size and strength are not always hand in hand. He’s worked with big, muscle bound adonises who are total wimps when it comes to his regimens. And he’s also known quite a few smaller twinks who never quit. Deep down, he’s more interested in working with the latter, knowing that he can push them to do anything without backing down… truly, anything.

When Tom came in for his assessment, Dolf was immediately impressed with his spirit. His can-do attitude practically glowed, filling the room with a big, cheerful personality. He couldn’t have been taller than 5’5”, but Dolf could see he had the heart of a champion. He asked the smaller guy to strip down to give him a look at what he was working with. Tom complied, not questioning his sudden disrobement for a second.

Dolf felt up his body, grabbing at his back, muscles, and butt. Tom looked up at him with a smile. He was clearly enjoying being touched by the handsome man. Dolf stood well over a foot taller, possessing both great size and dominant, daddy energy. Tom showed every feeling he had on his boyish face, making it clear he was open for whatever Dolf wanted with him.

How could Dolf resist? Seeing a little guy so willing to be his made him lose all professional boundaries. He played with the smaller guy’s cheeks, shaking them to see how they moved in his underwear. He even gave them a little spank to watch it bounce. When he put his hand down inside to feel his warm, inviting crack, he felt his cock swell up inside his pants, making it clear he was going to need to pull it out.

First, he brought Tom close to him, feeling his body against his own, leaning down to kiss him as he did. Tom was thrilled. Dolf was like a giant! Well built, tattooed, handsome, friendly, and incredibly passionate. Their first kiss practically knocked him on his feet, but luckily Dolf held him close.

Tom’s hands found their way to Dolf’s cock, feeling it as it protruded inside his pants. Dolf continued to kiss him as he unbuckled his belt, slowly opening his loins to give Tom a proper view of his manhood.

Dolf watched Tom as the young man gazed on his cock for the first time. Tom’s expressive face showed just how much he worshipped it. He wanted to kiss it and taste it, taking it deep into his mouth. Dolf didn’t hold back. As Tom opened his hungry mouth, Dolf fed him his hot, throbbing cock, feeling it slide between the boy’s lips.

He didn’t push him too hard at first. He was still assessing his capabilities, observing him and letting him dictate the speed. To his delight, Tom ravenously took his 8-inch cock further back into his skull than Dolf would have thought possible. He watched as Tom filled his cheeks with his thick shaft, feeling his smooth mouth make love to his meat.

While he looked down, he couldn’t help but notice Tom’s cock was almost as big as his own! Seeing a little guy with such a huge tool made the trainer horny in the most intense way. Something about that size difference on one body made him fall to his knees, desperate to take it in his mouth.

Dolf salivated over Tom’s cock, feeling it pulse on his tongue and swell up with each move he made. Tom moaned, loving every second of it, wanting to make Dolf happy. He thought of nothing else but pleasing his sexy giant, hoping he would get to experience his deep, hard fuck.

He didn’t have to wait long for Dolf to turn him around and suck on his hole, puckering it up in his mouth as his tongue ravaged his sphincter. It hurt at first, but Tom braced himself against the wall and relaxed his hole for the big man to dominate. Dolf knew this would be intense, but he wanted to see how Tom would take it. His cock dripped pre-cum as he felt the little guy arch his back up to meet his mouth, making sure he was getting what he wanted. It was so hot that Dolf had to take him right then and there.

Standing the boy up and bending him over a stool, Dolf rose to bring his cock to the reddened, wet lips of Tom’s ass. It was still a little tender from his deep rimming, but he could see the look in Tom’s eyes beginning him for his cock. He gently pressed it up to his hole, feeling the warmth begin to engulf the tip. It was absolute heaven. Dolf leaned forward a little more, allowing his firm shaft to puncture through Tom’s ass, forcing out a deep moan from his throat.

Dolf continued to slide forward, filling Tom up with every inch of his cock, feeling Tom’s inside stretch to receive him. Tom couldn’t believe how good it felt, not knowing when the penetration would end. It seemed like minutes passed before he felt the soft, warm sack of Dolf’s balls meet his own, letting him know he was completely inside him.

Dolf held on to Tom’s hips, holding him in place to make sure his thrusts didn’t send him flying off into the wall! The little guy was a total champ, taking his fucking however he gave it. Soft, shallow, deep, or hard, Tom managed to withstand whatever intensity Dolf could give.

The bigger man didn’t want to stop, loving the feeling he had dominating his new, tiny friend. But the urge to cum built up inside his big nuts, making him edge closer and closer to the moment he would have to burst inside Tom’s eager hole...

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