Tom Vojak and Eli Zoubek RAW

Studio: Str8Hell

Casting: ,

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Description: Tom Vojak has blindfolded and shackled Eli Zoubek,letting him wear just some see-thru underwear. He feels over Eli's sexy chest and runs his hands down the thighs too. Tom gropes the underwear as well, moving to the other side of Eli too. He continues to feel the hot body, licking the nipples as well. Then he kisses Eli. Next Tom pulls down the underwear to release Eli's hard cock. He wanks on that cock and releases the shackles from Eli's wrists. Pushing him down onto his knees Tom takes his own dick out for sucking. He slides his mouth into Eli's mouth and fucks hard. Tom pulls out and then shoves his cock back into the eager mouth, fucking hard. Tom strips off and returns to fucking the eager mouth, removing the blindfold too. Then he move Eli onto the bed, with his ass hole exposed. He plays with the hole and coc. Then as he wanks himself Tom uses a butt plug on Eli's hole. He fucks the plug into the ass, pushing it all the way in. That hole grips the plug comfortable. Tom removes it and the shoves it in again. Lubing his big cock he climbs over Eli shoves it deep into the waiting hole. He fucks hard into that ass hole, as his balls slap against Eli. That big cock fits easily in Eli's ass as Tom fucks deep. Then Tom lays on the bed so Eli can ride him. Eli sits his hole on that big cock and starts to ride. He takes the cock balls deep as he works his hole on it. His own cock is rock hard and flails as he rides Tom's. Eli turns around and sits down on the big cock again to ride some more. His ass gets spanked too as he fucks himself onto Tom's cock. Then Eli lays on his back and wanks while Tom pounds his ass as hard as he can. Eli keeps wanking hard and unloads the creamy cum onto his left thigh. Tom pulls out and shoots his cum over Eli. He milks every last drop out of his big cock. Then he leans down to kiss Eli.

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