Vinni Solo

Studio: ChaosMen


Release Date: June 6, 2022

Description: Vinni is a friendly Argentinian and self-proclaimed stripper. He loves his work and stays active. Though he identifies as "straight," he has a very sex-positive attitude and generally performs for male audiences.

Vinni stands next to the bed and peels away his shirt, revealing a toned, tatted, and tanned body. He turns around and flexes before removing his shorts and climbing back into the bed. Vinni reaches down and strokes his hardening cock through his underwear before pulling out his dick and peeling away his briefs.

He strokes his foreskin up and down his thick shaft as he peers at you through the camera. Vinni reaches for the lube, slicks up his cock, then gets back to work.

Vinni rises to his knees on the bed and continues jerking his dick. As the camera peers up from underneath, Vinny slaps his cock against his palm with a satisfying "thud" as he grins at the camera.

Vinni turns around on the bed and showcases his ass for you, leaning forward and stroking his dick as he slaps his cheeks.

Ready to cum, Vinni lays back on the bed and begins rapidly stroking his cock. As his body grows tense and his balls tighten, he shoots his load all over his stomach, then rubs it in with his hands.

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