Cock Surfers 2

Studio: PeterFever

Casting: ,

Release Date: November 29, 2022

Description: Hans was the top man cock surfer in his hookup with hungry bottom Benvi, but big bearded manly muscleman Zeno's a tougher nut to crack. Hans is gonna be the one riding cock this time, and from the happy glint in his eyes he has NO complaints. He gets an eager mouthful of Zeno's XXL dick and makes it bigger and harder. Ready to move on to the REAL fun, Zeno gets Hans to crouch across the back of the couch with his perky ass right at face level. He dives in for a lick and suck. Once Hans is open, slick with spit and ready to be crammed full, Zeno slides his thick raw tool in for some bareback fun. Pounding and plowing from behind, Zeno wraps his arms around Hans and pulls him in tighter. In a fuck frenzy, Hans splays his legs open, gives Zeno all the room he needs to drill in to the depths. He climbs on and grinds his ass down onto the big booty splitter. Zeno pulls out, lies back and milks out an oversized load into his beating palm. "Can't wait for more!" he says through a big satisfied smile.

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